How We Make a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get You Going

You choose a Domain Name for your website.

Then Register Your Domain Name.

Then sign up with a hosting company.

We design your new website.

We add useful pages and engaging content.

We optimize your website for search engines.

You Review Your Site Before We Hit ‘Publish’

Site gets added to Google Search Console (SEO) list.

The next stage is for you to decide whether we manage your new website or if you take it over. If you’re happy to do all the updates, security checks, and monitoring yourself, then by all means go ahead. If you don’t know how but would like to learn, we can teach you.

Or you could just update the Blog on your site and have us manage the website maintenance for you. The decision is yours to make.

At a later date, you can have us add extra content or pages for a set fee, such as a photo album or Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for your customers questions.

Add links to all your YouTube videos or have us edit them for you before uploading.